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Nestled on top of the Waaihoek mountains in UCT’s beloved Zuurberg property lies our beloved Hoare Hut. The hut is a magical place which was built more than 40 years ago, and has been part of many mountain lovers’ adventures. 

 It is maintained by our committee and is equipped with mattresses, a solar light, a water tank, a stove, gas and all necessary kitchen items as well as many skis and snowboards. For this reason we ask for a small contribution from all non UCT MSC members going up: R20 per person per night for MCSA members, R40 for ex UCT MSC members and R60 for all others. In order to go up between April and October there must be somebody in your group with Waaihoek leadership. 

To book, please email: 

Camilla Smyth-

The 2018 Birthday Bash following the Club's weird and wonderful tradition of a formal at the Hoare Hut to celebrate it's birthday! (Klaré van Heerden's Photo)


BOOKING INFORMATION- To book, please email Dot Augustine - 


Kloofing is the ideal outdoor summer activity and the Witels Kloof provides the Western Cape's finest venue. Booking is essential, and numbers must be limited in order to protect the unique environment and to prevent overcrowding in the kloof.


Please read the following guidelines to assist you in completing your application for a permit


The season opens on 1 November and closes on 31 March

The months of November and February are reserved for UCT students and for members of the Mountain Club of South Africa (Cape Town Section only). Bookings open on 1 September and may be made 3 months in advance.


Applications received before the earliest booking date will not be accepted

The person who is to lead the party must make the application. It is essential that the leader has completed a Witels trip prior to bookingParty size is limited to a maximum of 8 and a minimum of 3. It must be stressed that Zuurberg is wilderness area and that there are no facilities or marked footpaths within the Witels Kloof. The terrain is physically demanding, requiring considerable fitness and mountaineering experience. Choose your party carefully. Adults must accompany children. No pets are allowed on the property.


No fires are allowed anywhere on the Zuurberg Property or the Witels Kloof

Parking is done at the UCT Zuurberg parking area: 33°29'58.8"S 19°17'23.0"E

Organising a shuttle service with Winterberg Inn must be done in advance on 023 231 0860


The cost of the permit is as follows (send no money with the application)

If the leader is a member of:

➢             UCTMSC                                  R150.00 per person

➢             MCSA (CT Section)                  R150.00 per person

➢             UCT students/staff/other           R350.00 per person


Members must show/email the student/membership cards to the Sports Administrator's Secretary.

A photocopy of any Identity Document is required for each person entering the kloof

The cost of the permit includes the use of Pells Hut en route to the kloof.

The cost of a strip map of the Witels is R30.00


Payment is only made when confirming a provisional booking.

Leaders must provide the name and telephone number of a friend/relative who could be contacted in case of trouble while they are in the kloof. Ascents of the Witels Kloof are not allowed.


When entering the details of the intended visit please consider the following:

  1. The recommended route is ascending Waaihoek and spending the first night at Pells Hut, entering the Witels the next day and spending the following 3 nights in the Witels Kloof - a trip of 5 days.
  2. Please stay consistent with your ascent date and entry into the Witels date.

v  For emergency purposes only, there is the possibility of exiting Adderley Street on the third day.

v  Please provide at least 3 alternative dates for your trip. Indicate in the last column whether you would like an attempt to be made to provide a booking for the dates not too remote from those requested. The more flexible your dates the better your chances of securing a booking.

v  Use of Pells Hut is not compulsory.

v  If you intend on entering Zuurberg by a route other than Waaihoek, e.g. via Perry Refuge, please indicate in the space provided.

v  Telephonic booking will not be accepted. However, enquiries about the dates and availability of bookings may be made at 021 650 3563 (Dot Augustine - ).

v  Do not contact the Zuurberg Convener about bookings.