MSC presents SUMMIT

11 Jul 2016 - 11:15

For the first time ever, the UCT Mountain and Ski Club is expanding its portfolio of entertainment and appreciation of the great outdoors in a truly unique way: with a night of music, dance and drink inspired by the aesthetic and wonderment of the Western Cape's natural beauty.

Thus UCT MSC, in collaboration with We Love Underground, presents:

A fully curated experience ranging from look, to smell, to taste, to sound. A night for lovers of bergs, beats and bos. A night to feel fresh and dance dirty. A night that will truly be unique.

The good people from Welcome to the Underground have been hard at work curating an array of musical sounds to carry every one through the evenings experience. Their pentachromic pallete of styles contains sounds ranging from Chill hop to Jazz house and everything in between. All based on and inspired by the unique biome that sorrounds us. African sounds for African nature.

All who love the natural world as we do are welcome at SUMMIT. So bring your best vibes and grooviest jives and prepare for what will hopefully be the first of many more expertly curated experiences in the years to come. 

The damage is:
R20 for members and alumni
R30 for non-members