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Welcome to the website of the University of Cape Town Mountain and Ski club! We are UCT's biggest sports club, hosting hiking, climbing, trail running, kloofing and outdoor adventures. We host weekly activities as well as weekend trips and longer vac trips. The UCTMSC is a great way to meet amazing people that share a love for the outdoors and a way to explore the hiking, climbing and trail running opportunities in and around Cape Town. The UCTMSC has a bouldering gym, gear room and is involved in outreach programmes and conservation efforts. Additionally, manage the Waaihoek property and its huts. Non-MSC members are able to book the hut at a cost and enjoy the tranquillity of Waaihoek.

If you are a UCT student wanting to join and missed the opportunity to sign up at Plaza Week, you can sign up at Sports Admin in the Sports Centre or on Peoplesoft using the code HIL.



  • The UCT Mountain and Ski Club Development Fund 

Are you a mountain enthusiast, but haven't had the chance to act on it because of the student budget? The Development Fund is there to get everyone outdoors, no matter your finances. The Fund will cover the expenses of your Mountain and Ski Club activities, in return for your enthusiasm and participation. 

How does it work?

Step 1: Fill out the Application Form (find it at the O-week stand or on our Vula page or on Google docs @ )

Step 2: All applications will be reviewed by a committee and the fund beneficiaries chosen 

Step 3: If you are chosen, you will become a fund beneficiary (anonymously, of course) and will  get funding for most Mountain and Ski events you attend for the rest of the year 

What is expected of you as a Fund beneficiary?

-Enthusiasm and playing an active part in the club

-Attending at least 4 Mountain and Ski events of your choice (including 1 Siyenyuka & 1 conservation event) 

- Organising (or help organise) 3 events of your choice 

If you have any questions, contact Azino-



  • The UCT Mountain and Ski Club Expedition Fund 

The Mountain and Ski Club wants to promote world-class mountaineering, climbing and exploring at UCT. For this reason we have established a fund to support expeditions led and organised by our members. The ethos of the fund is one of exploration, adventure, pushing sporting boundaries, social and environmental awareness and the development of mountain related skills from which the club will benefit in future.

Who should apply? 

Any MSC member or team of members is welcome to apply for funding of up to R30 000. In the past, MSC members have traveled to climb in South America and the Himalayas, summited Mt. Elbrus in Russia, Mt. Kenya and opened new big-wall routes in Madagascar as well as destinations closer to home.

Deadline: TBA (keep an eye out for Vula announcements)


Maximize your chances of receiving funding

The soul of this fund is one of exploration: opening new climbing routes, doing first ascents of unclimbed mountains or exploring little known and far-away areas. A strong emphasis is also placed on expeditions which show environmental and social awareness and commitment. For example, travelling by public transport or becoming involved in local communities. Furthermore, contributions to the club, through media coverage and active involvement and skills transfer are also given much weight in the decision making process. As the process is competitive, no funding is guaranteed in any one year and other avenues such as the UCT Travel Fund, the Mountain Club of South Africa and sponsorships should be pursued. 

How to apply

  1. Come up with an epic trip and get together a competent team.
  2. Carefully read through the MSC Expedition Fund constitution, available on Vula.
  3. Compile an expedition brochure, detailing the destination, dates, objectives and the likelihood of success of the expedition. Also include past or future contributions or benefits to the Mountain and Ski Club (e.g serving on the committee, expedition workshops, media coverage, leading club trips etc.) a detailed budget and brief profiles of the members and their relevant experience, as well as any other relevant information which you think will count in your favour  given the guidelines above.
  4.  Hand in a hard and soft copy of your application to the expedition fund convener.