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How do I join UCTMSC?

You can join at the O-week stands on upper campus or med-campus. Otherwise you can do so at Sports Admin in Sports Centre or on Peoplesoft using the code: HIL


How much does it cost to join?

It is R200 per year which will be charged to your UCT account. This gets you on hiking and climbing events all year round, petrol subsidies for weekend trips, access to Hoare Hut and access to the UCT bouldering gym.


How do we find out about events?

Every Tuesday an announcement will be posted onto Vula. This will be automatically emailed to you. If not, you will find it under the announcements tab. The announcement will include all the upcoming events with a blurb about each event and the contact details of the person who is running it in case you have any questions. Some events are also advertised on Facebook under the page UCT Mountain and Ski.


How do we sign up for events?

You sign up on Vula under the sign up tab.


Are events compulsory?

No event is compulsory. You come when you have time and if that event interests you.


What do you offer?

We offer hiking, rock climbing indoors and outdoors, orienteering, conservation trips, social events, meeting learners from our Siyenyuka programme and gear rental to name some.


What is the Siyenyuka Programme?

Founded in 2006 by the MSC, the Siyenyuka project takes schoolchildren from various high schools and backgrounds hiking. By exposing learners to the great outdoors, we hope to create an appreciation and concern for the environment. Our activities normally include hiking, climbing and other possible ways to educate about the environment.


What is the Development Fund?

The development fund helps out with the extra costs that one might incur when taking part in our events. Applications need to be in by the beginning of the year in order to get funding for most MSC events. For more information and requirements please contact the development fund convenor.


Where is the climbing wall and when is it open?

The climbing wall is at lower campus in the UCT gym, which is situated in the building between Graca Machel Res and Kopano Res. It is right next to the UCT gym and swimming pool. The access to the climbing wall does not give you access to the UCT gym. The hours for the climbing wall are:

Monday – Friday: 06:00 – 21:00 Saturday – Sunday: 08:00 – 19:00 Holidays – 08:00 – 19:00


Do you ski?

Yes, if the weather allows it. We own a hut; called Hoare Hut, in the Zuurberg Mountain range that is about two hours drive from Cape Town. It is quite high up at the hut so if it is cold enough there might be snow. If there is enough snow we can ski. Skis and ski boots are already at the hut so there is no need to take them up the mountain.


Can we rent gear?

Yes you can. For more information please contact the current gear convenor. You can find their information on the Vula page.


I don’t have a car, is transport provided?

Yes there will be transport. We use a carpooling system where a fellow student will drive a few of us to that event’s location.


Are there extra costs involved?

You need to contribute to the petrol costs of the driver who takes you to the event. You might also need to pay for campsite fees if we co on overnight/camp events and in some cases the petrol and permit/campsite fees will be subsidised by MSC for an event.


Must I be fit?

It depends on the event. We will tell you the level of fitness you need in the upcoming events announcements. However, if you are unsure you can contact the event leader. The Mountain and Ski Club caters for all fitness levels so please don’t be shy or scared!


The MSC tab is not appearing on my Vula account, what must I do?

(specifically when on my computer not cellphone)

  1. Once logged onto Vula go to the dark blue section at the top of the page where a few other tabs are situatied.

  2. Click on More Sites.

  3. Find UCT Mountain and Ski Club and click on the tab. *

*If you cannot find the UCT Mountain and Ski Club tab then please contact the secretary of the club. Their information will be at Sports Admin.

If you would like for your MSC tab to permanently be with your other tabs at the top of your vula page, follow these steps:

  1. Once logged in go to the My Workspace tab.

  2. On the left of your screen there will be different categories, click on Preferences.

  3. Look at the center of your screen and under the heading Active Sites should be the

    UCT Mountain and Ski Club tab.

  4. Click on the MSC tab, it will become green, then drag it into My Workspace.

  5. Then at the top of the page click on Update Preferences.

  6. Once that is done the MSC tab will always show at the top with all your other tabs.

    This will make signing up for events, checking announcments and looking at the calander fulled with the event dates much easier.